Self-Service for Moodle 1.9 Archive Retrieval

Due to the growing security concerns and that there will no longer be security patches available for Moodle 1.9, the sites on have been backed up and archived. If you were an instructor of record, a Teaching Assistant with a TA site, or used a collaboration site in SSC CCLE Moodle (version 1.9) between Fall 2008 – Spring 2013, you will need to log into this system to retrieve a Moodle backup copy of your site starting Tuesday, January 23: will be down starting January 18, 2018 to start the migration process.

This self-service Moodle 1.9 archive retrieval is temporary and will be discontinued after we have reviewed the usage of this system.

All sites created after Spring 2013 will be located in our current SSC CCLE System (

If you cannot locate your site, please click on the ”Feedback Form” link in our self-service Moodle 1.9 archive retrieval page. Please include the name and the URL, if possible, of the site you are trying to access.