What is Moodle

As a participating member of the UCLA Common Collaborative Learning Environment Initiative (CCLE), the Division transitioned from ClassWeb to a new course management system called Moodle.
Whether for a class, research project, or committee, a Moodle website offers many useful tools. As a participating member in the Common Collaborative Learning Environment (CCLE), Social Sciences benefits from working with other campus units.
Moodle provides an incredibly secure system that far exceeds ClassWeb’s functionality and user-interface. The system offers many new features out of the box. In addition, there are over 300 products that can be added to Moodle. Thanks to being an open source system, thousands of people around the world are programming, developing, and discussing new possibilities for Moodle.

Learn about why the Division moved, new Moodle features, and more.

Easy Migration

With the Social Sciences version of Moodle, users have access to a Control Panel for quickly making additions or changes to course sites. Uploading a file, adding links, emailing a class roster, and many other tasks are even easier to do than they were in ClassWeb. Importing content from ClassWeb is designed specifically so that instructors can easily do this on their own. The Rearrange Tool makes organizing your course site as simple as dragging and dropping.

Same Great Support

Social Sciences Computing will continue to assist you when adding materials to your course site, importing existing files from previous course sites, and addressing your other needs.

Moodle Features Include

  • Multiple Sections
  • Public/Private
  • Include Attachments when Emailing Class Roster
  • Drag/Drop Reorganization
  • Discussion Boards with File Upload
  • Homework Drop-off Boxes
  • Online Quizzes
  • Enhanced Survey Tool
  • Activity Reports
  • Glossary Tool
  • Wikis
  • Groups