Note: If you already have a Social Sciences Qualtrics Account, click the button below to login to Qualtrics

Opening a New Social Sciences Qualtrics Account

Divisional Users

  • Faculty and staff whose home department is within the Social Sciences will be provisioned an account that can create surveys and projects.

Non-Divisional Users

  • Only individuals affiliated with the Division or Social Sciences can use this instance of Qualtrics.
  • If your home department is not in the Social Sciences you will be provisioned an account with a non-functional user type
  • Users must complete the Qualtrics Account Request Form in order to request access after account creation.

SSCERT’s Qualtrics Instance is

Upon first login, your Qualtrics account will be automatically provisioned based on department code attributes provided to UCLA Logon by IAMUCLA.

Login Process

All users must first login with SSO and accept Terms of Service.

Now login with your UCLA credentials.

Once you have logged in a page will pop up showing their “Terms of Service”. Make sure you click “I accept” before proceeding.

This is what the page will look like once you have successfully logged in and accepted the Qualtrics Terms of Service.