SSC offers two remote access services to faculty and students in the Social Sciences division. Remote access allows a user to access software and data sets from their home, office, or anywhere with a network connection. All comments, questions, problems, or feedback should be directed to


AfterHours allows anyone with a Social Sciences Computing lab account to remote into the computer labs during off-hours. Please visit here for more details of AfterHours. The UCLA VPN client is necessary for AfterHours. A complete list of software available during AfterHours can be found on our software page.

For access, please create an account at the Social Sciences Computing front desk located at 2041 Public Affairs.


Zambezi is a remote server for graduate students and faculty. Zambezi is available at all times, except for down time for upgrades and patches. Zambezi has a variety of software that is available at the Social Sciences Computing labs, with an emphasis on statistical applications. Zambezi is intended for software usage on enormous data sets that take long periods of time to compute. Zambezi users are given a limited amount of space for data storage. Accounts are set to expire one year after creation, unless otherwise stated. A complete list of software available on Zambezi can be found on our software page.

If interested in an account, please send an email to including the same information listed in the section above.