Networking Capacity

For Faculty and SSC supported departments, SSC provides wireless and wired network connectivity. Most of the switches and servers are monitored twenty-four hours a day. A monitoring system is set up so that if any of these monitored systems fails, SSC staff will be paged within five minutes. Internet traffic is monitored for abnormal spikes and malicious network traffic; this software allows SSC to locate suspicious activity, which typically means that a computer is hacked and trying to infect other machines.


Most subnets of Social Sciences are behind a firewall, which prevents hackers from hacking into unprotected machines. Firewalls cannot prevent infected machines, within the same subnet, from infecting other machines inside the same subnet. This also does not prevent viruses and trojans so users are encouraged to use up to date Anti-virus software such as Sophos and a personal firewall.

For questions or to report a problem, please email or view the Support Desk section of the website.

Increased Capacity

Social Sciences Computing is pleased to announce that we have greatly increased wireless internet coverage in the division. Access points have been installed covering most areas of Bunche Hall, Haines Hall, Public Policy Building (4th floor), and the Fowler Museum (A-level).

Wireless Availability

SSC Wireless is available to all UCLA faculty, staff, and students with a valid Bruin Online ID. To obtain a BOL ID, please visit Because standards were developed in collaboration with other campus units, wireless access will also be available to you at a number of additional locations on campus. To view a campus wireless map

Maintenance Schedule

SSC scheduled maintenance occurs, as necessary, during the following period:

6pm-12am, on the second Saturday of each month

Non-critical scheduled maintenance and upgrade activities will take place, if needed, once per month.  SSC will post announcements on the website if maintenance activities cause a disruption in services.