What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a secure, legally-binding electronic signature application that allows users to digitally distribute, complete, and sign forms and documentations. Electronic signatures are a great alternative to traditional signatures and are also environmentally friendly.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create and use custom templates
  • Custom templates and processes can be reused for frequently used forms and documentations
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Supports a wide range of file types
  • Signatures are secure and legally binding
  • Confirm user’s identity through the use of access codes for additional security
  • Recipients can sign in parallel or in a custom order
  • Send automatic reminders to document signers and receive notifications at each step
  • Supports over 40+ languages
  • Easy integration with Box and other cloud storage services
  • Real time document status tracking
  • Supports desktop applications, web browsers, and mobile services

How do I request a DoguSign account?

To request an account, please email

Please note that we can only provision accounts for the Social Sciences Division.

Who can receive & sign an envelope?

Anyone with a valid email address may receive and sign an envelope. However, if the envelope is sent to an email with the domain or, then the user will be required to sign in with their UCLA Logon ID credentials before they can sign the envelope. If the or email address does not match their official UCLA email address they, will receive an error when trying to sign in. As a best practice, we advise that user verify their official email address here.