Setting Up a Mailing List

SSC offers email mailing lists (a.k.a. LISTSERVS) for departments or faculty special projects or groups. To create a list, contact Julie Chen or Shinn Wu and let them know the purpose of the list and how you want it configured:

Mailing list considerations

    • List name, ie.
    • Open or closed subscription?
    • Who will be the administrator(s)?
    • Who can post to the list: anyone, members only, or administrator only?

After the list is set up, you can administer it and your members can view the list archive, or change their personal settings via the Web Interface.

Listserv Easy Guide

Listserv 17

  1. Go to
  2. On the top click on ‘Log-In’.
  3. Now click on ‘Register Password’.
  4. Create your password. After you finished creating your password, you will receive a confirmation message as shown in the image below and a confirmation email will also be sent to your inbox.

    The confirmation email should look like the image below.

  5. In the confirmation email there should be a link provided as well. Click on the link to confirm that you have registered successfully.

    *** Important ***

    Depending on what emailing service you use to open the email and link it will give you two different types of messages.

    • Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail users might receive a message like the image below. You are okay. The Listserv has already confirmed you password. You can ignore the warning message.
    • Other users will receive a message stating that your new password has been registered successfully.
  6. You can now try logging into your account. Once you have logged in clicked on ‘List Dashboard’ on the left side of the page.
  7. Go to where it says ‘Select List’ and click on the drop-down menu to display the lists you are the owner of.
  8. Listserv owners can add/delete subscribers only
  9. To view subscribers in CSV format

Only List Admins can create a list. You can find the owner of a list on the left of the page.

The List name is (YourListName) This is also the list where subscribers will be sending any post.

Listserv 17 documentations and manuals

Listserv 16 documentation and manual

For any questions or concerns regarding Listserv setup or support email